John McNicholas is a singer, songwriter, musician, photographer, app creator, and writer based in Atlanta, GA.

John enjoys playing music and singing. You can catch him performing with The Sunset District, Supervisor of the Loveless Average, The Good Graces, Spiller, and as John McNicholas, because that's like his name and all.He also likes to take pictures of things. Live music, landscapes, travel, and people are some of his favorite subjects.In addition to all of that fantastic stuff, he's been instrumental in the creation of some award winning apps, but he can't really talk about that. Unrelated, these apps look cool. He's got a Twitter, a Flickr, a music Facebook, a personal Facebook, and some other things he neglects on a regular basis. Please drop him a line if you have any questions or want to throw money at me for services rendered. Photo by Lucy Pearl  
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